Moment 52

A random act of kindness: baby on hip, shopping cart full, car trunk open. Me, placing bags one by one into trunk as I’ve only the one free hand – and a couple comes, “Can we help?”  And they do, loading up my trunk and the woman nudges the man – “Give her a coin so she doesn’t have to take her cart back,” and he rummages, giving me a coin in exchange for my cart. Made my day. Thank you.


Moment 51

IMG_3796.JPGMoment 51

The surprised joy of discovering a squeaky duck tucked sweetly in a pocket.

Moment 50

A soccer jamboree in the rain with gusting Mary Poppins winds, temps around 50. Cold kids, cold babe who slept after shrieking and struggling. A donut warm up. A good player award for my daughter. Hot, hot showers.

Moment 47

My lovely daughter trying to put a brave face on. I peek in on at her at bedtime, and her face is drawn, pensive. She’s sad and embarrassed because her teacher told her she was working at a grade below level in math – and now my daughter thinks she’ll never get ahead. That she’ll always be behind. That she’s stupid. We hugged. I hid my tears, though one or two landed on her hair and I said, So what. So you learn differently. So you have to work harder. I promise that you’re smart and brilliant and that you can learn. Who cares what other people think!  She smiled. We took deep breaths. I kissed the part of her hair.

Moment 43

Roots of Empathy – where a baby comes to a classroom each month to teach children about caring and loving. We went all year – my baby boy, a teacher. Today the final meeting and party: a class set of thank you notes and a lion puppet, a lone little boy who gave me/baby a handmade card and some of his very own baby toys that he wanted to share.