Moment 62

I am thinking of how this meager, fallible, simple body of mine created two perfect, fragile beings. It stills my heart. It does.


Moment 60

During baby’s nap time, instead of holing up with a book in the screen porch like I wanted, I gathered embroidery thread, tape, scissors, snacks and my daughter. “Let’s make bracelets together,” I said. There was a nice breeze and we could hear the crash of waves outside and I thought – why don’t I do this more?  I need to do this more. Steal these little moments with my daughter because it made her day – and mine!

Moment 59

IMG_3895.JPG2 years ago I went to a craft show and a lovely older man was selling these simple black and white sketches based on pictures from this lake community back in the day. They are beautiful and lively. And for some reason, the first time I saw them, I didn’t buy one and have been kicking myself ever since. Today, a local craft show and he is there- Harold Balla – and I snapped up two to give my husband as gifts!

Moment 58

My daughter, she made dinner. When I say made, I mean she saw a fridge of leftovers so she heated them, soup and pizza, and placed everything in plates and bowls. Set the table, filled water glasses, set out cheerios and food for baby. It was beautiful and sweet and the food tasted divine. She said, “Its because you always do everything, mom.”

Moment 56

I imagine what my baby boy must dream of. Things that make him smile then (an incomplete list): dogs, gritty sand, stones, vacuum cleaners, swings, crunchy leaves, the ball of my shoulder, peekaboo.

Moment 55

First summer sleep over for my 9 year old daughter. An image of her in polka dot pajamas in top bunk reading Archie comics while her friend reads Betty and Veronica below. On the couch, I hear their steady stream of whispered giggles.

Moment 53

Picture this: a blue wagon, green grass, a cloud filled sky. Sister, blonde pulling baby brother up and down a hill, turning and making funny faces. Baby is laughing, in the distance, birds sing and waves crash.